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How do I know what a starting mold problem looks like?


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I keep dubias, in a 38-42 gallon dark blue plastic bin.

92 degrees F, thermostat controlled, heat lamp.

Humidifier to control humidity.

Today I was adding some toilet paper rolls, and restacking them, looking over my massive, fast paced, dubia baby count.

I noticed on the bottom of the pile, there was a toilet paper roll, it had some poop/frass stuck to the bottom, that was white.

I discarded it.

But there's no moisture in this area... Just dry frass.

I keep my humidity between 35-80%.

It usually only goes up to 80% if I accidentally leave my humidifier on for like an hour while I do something else (like I am right now lol).

Otherwise, I only run the humidifier once a day. It's all it needs.

Is the white frass colored white because of mold?

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