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Hello from South Africa

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Hi everyone

I live in South Africa. I am currently 17. I have been keeping exotic animals for two years now. I own two snakes, two lizards, 13 tarantulas and a hundred or so Blaptica dubia. I have mostly bred Roaches as feeders but did keep Gromphadorhina portentosa as a pet for a while. At the moment I am trying to get hold of Aptera fusca - Cape Mountain Cockroach. I am lucky to live in the country where they originate from. My plan is hopefully, if I can get them, to breed them for a while then introduce them into the SA hobby then export some overseas. I am also trying to source Parktown Prawns.

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Welcome looked up aptera fusca. They look nice. Id be interested but im not sure how it would be shipping all the way to california

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