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Humidity Control for Dubia Roaches


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Hi! I have a bin of about 1000 dubias and I wondered how one controls humidity. I use a heat lamp on a timer to ensure proper heat but I know that humidity is important for molting. I mist the inside egg crates a couple times a day but am wondering if this is enough. I would love to hear how people handle this. Thanks!

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In my T room the temperature is aprox. 91 F. but who knows what high in the dubia enclosure. I use coconut fiber substrate and I am spraying twice in a day [keeping the substrate moist]. They eat very well and now I cannot find any molting problem. I used to kept them without substrate with an egg carton. They do not had a good appetite then. But now they are always eating everything and hanging around on the surface and on the bark.

What I can say is spraying as many as you can. But if it's not necessary do not heat them with that lamp. It's summer time! :D

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