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E. floridiana

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Posted by on 1/28/2005, 9:21 pm

I have to agree with the fellow who raises the so-called "skunk" roaches that they smell like amaretto and have a pleasant smell. When I lived in Florida, I raised these (among others) and enjoyed them very much. My husband (now ex - I wonder why?) and my son could both smell what they said was a horrible odor, but I could only snell a strong amaretto odor. I think this may be one of those hereditary odor receptor differences. We called them "large Florida wood roaches." Unlike the P. americana and P. australiana, these guys like togetherness. They often pile one on top of another. Since they are slow moving and don't fly, they are easy to handle. They get used to being handled and stop emitting their odor after just a short time which makes them excellent pets. They also seem to have a pretty good memory. I had one female with a scar (close encounter with an anole lizard) of a distinctive shape. She escaped from her container one night, but I was busy with other things and didn't get around to moving the container for a few weeks. One night, she was back in the same container waiting for food. Amazing!

I am particularly fond of P. australiana. They are not only pretty, but intelligent and creative. They have a rather complex social behavior like P. americana and enjoy kick-boxing contests, house remodeling, and exploration.

Now that I am in Costa Rica, I find the ever-present P. australiana and P. americana but also a bunch of new goodies. I have a pale green roach about the same size and shape as P. australiana, but not as dark as the green banana roaches pictured. I also have a very large pale guy that I do not think is an orange head. Where can I post a photo and see if I can get an i.d.?


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Posted by RoachFreak101 on 1/28/2005, 9:50 pm, in reply to "E. floridiana"

Hi Mary: Finally someone who agrees.

Actually Richie the roachman was the first to say that (have to give him credit) but i also agree, and actually posted on petbugs a while ago about that.

Maybe you are right that everybody has differant receptors, it would seem so because i know another person who thinks they stink!

I guess everybody is entitled to their smells lol

To me they smell kinda like spicy cherries, call me crazy, heck i must be, i breed roaches haha.

It is strong and concentrated, but it really does'nt stink to me.

I have other roaches who smell alot worse than skunks.

As for the pictures there is a box at the bottom that says "image URL" i belive that is where you are supposed to put them, but i have not tryed it yet.


Link: http://www.roachdomain.com/

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