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emperor scorpions


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I don't know why they wouldn't be.

There might have been some new importation regulations, but that shouldn't affect you if you buy captive bred (which I would suggest anyway). Lots of sites sell them (bugs in cyberspace and ken the bug guy come to mind), and you can always check the classifieds at arachnoboards.

My first exotic invert was an emperor scorpion, he was a great pet. It only stung me once, and it was essentially a bee sting; it quit hurting after about 10 minutes.

Good luck with getting your parents to allow you to get one.

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I don't believe there's any state where they are illegal.

They are interesting pet, but be prepared to have a "pet hole" for about eight years. If they are healthy and the habitat is set up properly you should never see them save for in the middle of the night with the use of a red light. I'm lucky if I see my boys once a month, and that actually makes me happy. I compensate by having their tank as a nicely planted terrarium during the day, so it's still pretty to look at. :)

Mom and the babies are more active, but I know that's only because they're still little and she didn't have time to dig a proper burrow. I'm so desperate to actually see them occasionally that I'm planning on setting up at least a 55 gallon and keep the whole brood communally. :lol:

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