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Posted by Digby Rigby on 2/5/2005, 2:27 pm

Hello Everyone,

Its been awhile since I posted here and have some good stuff available. I have a 100 lot of of true 100% pure Blaberus fusca lots available. These are nymphs. I also have a large breeding quantity of the roach formerly known as deaths heads and repackaged as fusca by some dealers. These roaches get large grow fast and are excellent feeders for larger insectivores. It is also fun to watch them get taken down by assassin bugs. So once again I have a 100 lot of pure true fusca nymphs available. As well as an established colony of the Roach Formerly Known as Deaths Head Roaches. The faux deaths heads reincarnated as fusca are being sold at a very good rate so please inquire. I also have many oter types of non arachnid invertebrates for sale as well as a set consisting of The AllPet Roach Guide and An Introduction To Rearing Cockroaches by Phil E. Bragg. When replying please INCLUDE YOUR NAME PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS. A PHONE NUMBER IS MANDATORY FOR A REPLY. ALSO A GOOD TIME TO CALL. NO REPLIES WILL BE ANSWERED WITHOUT A PHONE NUMBER AND NAME. i CAN ALSO BE REACHED VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE AT http://exoticfeeders.com/ I also have several other species of roaches and other goodies available.

Your Friendly Nationwide Roach Broker,

Digby Rigby


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