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Seeds and plants for trade


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I do a lot of trading of seeds and plants online, while this may have nothing to do with inverts it would not hurt me posting :) I noticed people trying to sell other stuff so I might as well trade seeds here ;)

Marigold Crackerjack mixed colors

Marigold French Dwarf Double Mixed Colors

Bachelor buttons Cyanus Double Mized colors

Helichrysum tall double mixed colors

Zinnia giant cactus mixed colors

Petunia mixed colors

Alyssum maritimum tall sweet

Comlumbine harlequin mix

Black berry iris

White double Hollyhock

Purple hyacinth beans

Blank flowers (blanket?)

Royal burgundy beans

Mesclun spicy mix

Mesclun mix

Parsley moss curled

Cilantro confetti England

Cilantro Santo (doesn’t like transplanting)

Organic Lime Basil

Basil ocimum basilicum

Organic Arugula rogue

Straightneck Early yellow squash

Table queen squash

Summer crookneck early squash

Early summer crookneck squash

Ruby queen hybrid sweet corn

Silver queen hybrid sweet corn

Early golden Bantam sweet corn

Burpee’s big boy tomato

Green bell pepper

Jalapeno pepper

These are for trades. Just offer me something, other seeds/plants, beetles, tarantulas, spiders, inverts, cat stuff, whatever.

Just shoot me a PM :)

(I was going to put this in the classifieds section, but that is for roaches only)

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