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Question on Hissers babies?

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I purchased some hisser sub adult females from a reputable dealer. Anyway I had them about three weeks and came home to find 1/4-1/2 little bugs (I assume are baby roaches) they look like smaller versions of the large ones. But I assumed they would be very tiny when first hatched not this big. Are these hisser nymphs or invader bugs. They get on the egg crates and hides just like the bigger ones. But I don't have any sub adult males. To my knowledge. I assumed they would be more like the mealworms and start off very small. Any ideas would be helpful this is my first experience with Hissers. -Jason

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Depending on the species, the babies can be shockingly large. They molt within the first 48 hours and roughly double in size, so if you missed seeing them right after they were hatched they will seem even larger. My hybrids had really big babies, but the Flat Horn babies I found a few days ago are about half that size! Like you, one of the females must have came already pregnant because I've only had them a month or so. :) They normally carry for 60-90 days before giving birth, if the temperatures are right.

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