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Phlebonotus pallens

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Dear Roachkeepers,

Who knows this species? I just heard about it from my friend. She said, it carries her babies under her wings! I could only say 'wow' and checked it in this forum but I could not found any information about this species. I wonder if someone can tell me more and more and I hope we can see them in the hobby soon.

Have a nice day,


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I doubt they're in culture currently, but hopefully one day soon! :)

However, for the time being, Trichoblatta pygmaea, a small live-bearing species that exhibits the same defensive mechanism as rolly-pollies, is somewhat available. The babies cling to their mother's underside for the first instar or so and there is evidence they may feed on secretions or on the mother's hemolymph in a similar manner as P. pallens nymphs.

With all of these incredible parental strategies already found in roaches who knows what the next variation to be discovered in cockroaches will be! :D

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