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substrate question


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So today I moved my two hissers into their full sized tank and for a substrate im using just the coconut fiber. Ive read alot aboutpeople mixing substrates up and i was wondering if just using the coconut fiber perfectly fine and what would be a good idea to mix into it. Oh and any good suggestions on heating their tank up. I havnt decided on how I wanna go about doing that and the temptures are gonna start dropping in the next month or so in my area.

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Pure coco fiber is perfectly fine. Some roaches benefit some from having crushed leaves and rotten hardwoods in their substrate, but I don't think it affects hissers much. As for heat, they sell heat pads at the pet store, but you can get much cheaper ones at any pharmacy that are designed for human use. Just cover somewhere from 25%-50% of one side of the tank to set up a bit of a heat gradient, and your roaches should be fine.

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