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Hello! My name is Wolfie. I'm 19, female and studying Animal Management at university.

I'm originally from Winchester, England, and I have just recieved my very first cockroach. I tested my sexing ability and I believe she's a female. I should have recieved a pair, but one did not arrive unfortunately, I'm following it up, but for now, 'Matilda' as she has been named, is living alone.

I must say, I've been looking through all the posts about hissing cockroaches and they seem to be far more complicated than I first thought, I didn't know about all the different subspecies or anything. My boyfriend is the hard-core invertebrate scientist out of us two, and he's not too hot on roaches, but I'm looking forward to learning.

Here she is, can't wait to learn more about her, my main question is: I was absolutely shocked when I first saw her at how big she seemed, does that mean she's mature?


She's a pretty grumpy girl right now, though she's happy to be handled by me she hisses at my boyfriend, so far she seems to enjoy tangerine segments, carrot, dog food, leftover pasta and Terry's chocolate oranges!

As well as Matilda, I have a dog, a Great Dane/Boxer cross named Jade, a very angry grey cat with no tail called Bunty, twelve ferrets called Bannock, Futret, Hoodie, A.S.B.O., Flea, The Stig, Yo Ho, Ahoy, Lily Savage, Peggy, Sunny Jim and Captain Slow, although technically, Captain Slow is a hybrid, he is 25% ferret and 75% European Polecat, and a very beautiful boy too.

All my ferrets were rescued from bad homes or found wandering the streets or were otherwise unwanted, now they are ambassadors, we work with the public in country fairs, agricultural shows and fun-days, showing them what great pets they are, and doing some fun racing too, so if you ever need ferrety help, I'm certainly a good person to come to!

Anyway... that's pretty much me...

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Welcome. :)

She looks to be an adult roach. Perhaps she could even be pregnant if she was in a colony with males.

She is a big one. <3

Oh lord, don't scare me! She was definitely from a breeding colony! Though baby roachies would be adorable

Thanks, she's a pretty girl for sure!

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They should be nothing to worry about as long as you have the right container and use something slippery as a barrier. I use petroleum jelly so the little ones wont be hiding out in the top when I open the container to feed or do maintenance. Don't be frightened. :)

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I'm curious about what species she is too, whatever she is, I think she's beautiful! She's a hungry little blighter, she's eaten two segments of tangerine in two days!

Thanks Likebugs, I'm not so worried about the babies escaping (I have a clever setup that involves petroleum jelly, a stretched cotton barrier and a lid, my housemates are frightened of bugs so this is the only way they'd agree to it), I'm more worried about having to buy a new setup because I only bought one big enough for a couple xD

Actually, is it possible to tell if they are carrying eggs?

She's getting really tame, she's sat on my wrist as I type :D

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