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E. chopardi/javanica hybridize (possible display tank)

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Can these two species cross? I wa

A thinking of including some inverts in a display tank with my mourning geckos and they seem to be perfect. Can I include them both without risk of hybrids? Otherwise i might replace E. chopardi with of some Gromphadorhina. Any thoughts?

Also, do you think that I would have a problem with the roaches munching on the gecko's eggs/baby geckos?

Would the roaches would be fine on a diet of fruit meal, live plants (unfortunately but I realize that they will get eaten), possibly the occasional cricket, and gecko poop?

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What crackerpants said.

Though, I don't think anyone has tried it before, but if the gromphadorhina genus is any indication to this one, the species probably aren't all that genetically distinct, and would likely hybridize. You probably shouldn't risk it.

Also, I have heard that it's not recommended to keep gromphadorhinas with dwarf hissers, since the larger males will terrorize the smaller ones. Maybe try something a bit more different with them, like a large blaberus or something.

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