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Laws on shipping roaches

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Just doing some further research on both federal and state laws for shipping different species of roaches. If anyone can offer help - I am just trying to verify what species are legal to ship to what states, etc. I am aware of Florida's laws, but that is about it. On the USDA website - I can't really find specifics (and don't want to assume they are treated the same as a cricket and are OK to ship). Are certain species considered agricultural pests, but others not ? Are there certain ones that are 100% legal to ship to every state (take out Hawaii) ? How about other states' laws specific to what can be shipped in ? Any specifics to the state websites and federal websites would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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From what I understand, there are no federal laws regarding shipping that name roaches in particular, and they are not counted as agricultural pests. For all intensive purposes, they are designated as a "live feeder insect," much like crickets or mealworms. However, there are state laws in Tennessee and Florida that ban the shipping of any non-native roach into the state. All other states, as far as I know, are 100% legal to ship to (thought I'm not sure about Hawaii).

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