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Sudden death in new roaches after eating


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I ordered a few dubia roaches, and they were very thin. I fed them and they eagerly ate the food until they got fatter. Hours later a few suddenly acted sluggish and stopped walking around, by morning they had died. Others that came with them and were thin ended up living and were fine, im confused what happened?

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it is not good to eat more than a little at a time after a fast.

Perhaps their bodies couldn't handle all of that food after going without for a while?

Was it just in one colony? Were the survivors in the same colony?

I only ordered one batch, so yes the survivors were from the same colony and are doing fine. They all looked the same on arrival, so I had no idea by looking at them if any were sick, but then why did others survive even after gorging on food, and not others, they all ate the same things here.

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