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Hisser tank ventilation


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I have 140 L tank (80cm x 60cm x 41cm) and I will have 15 adult hissers.

How many holes I should use for ventilation ?

I don´t want a big opening because of the smell (hygine)...I am preparing a dual thin hose system that will be connected to a ventilation opening on the the top of my balcony´s door.

The hose will have a net protection to avoid the escaping of small hissers.

How small will have to be the net to avoid the escape ?

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The babies can squeeze through just about anything, so the petroleum jelly ring around the inside is a must or you will be finding them elsewhere in the room. As for the hose, I would use window a net for brine shrimp, and then just cut the netting out. I've read that they may be able to chew through polyester though, so keep an eye on it.

The roaches themselves won't smell though. I have a few species of hissers and keep them on a bed of peat moss with dry oak and maple leaves, and the only smells that come from the tank are mustiness if I've trapped in too much humidity and then the smell of the fruit if I leave it in too long. My main tank has been been set up with live plants for over a year and it just smells like a potted plant as long as I keep it vented. :)

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