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Posted by Jana Nowak on 12/12/2005, 5:16 am


I offer small number of rare roaches from my experimental breeding. For example:

- Therea (Corydia) petiveriana

- Therea sp. (India)

- Polyphaga sausserei (Uzbekistan, loc. Nura Tao)

parthenogenesis female

- Polyphaga obscura (Afganistan)

- and Gyna lurida, Gyna capucina, Lobobtera,

Lucihormetica, Schulltesia, Blaberus ssp.

I also offer the roaches like a food for pets:

- B. dubia (about 50.000 pcs)

- Panchlora nivea, Nauphoeta cinerea, Byrsothria

fumigata, Pycnoscelus femapterus and more.

I am looking for the new kinds of interesting roaches and that is why I'm also willing to change.

I am looking forward to new contacts. Mgr. Jana Nowak

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