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Keeping Red Runners and Dubias Together

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I was curious if I could keep Blaptica Dubia and Blatta Lateralis (red runners, turkish roaches) together in the same bin if I can't it is no problem I was just asking to see if it was possible and them still be prolific. Also I was hoping to save some space. Hope to hear from someone soon thank you!

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It can be done.

But its easier to keep them seperate if they are going to be feeders.

Good to know! i am just working with a little less space then i would like and i would really prefer to let my dubias grow. So Ill just get another bin I suppose. I just didnt know if it would affect growth rates, deaths, or poliforation. if anyone could answe that it would be great! Because if not then i may concider keeping together I can pull feeders out for the month and keep them seperate so I dont disturb the colnoies too much.

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