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South African Roaches

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Hello Everyone,

I had promised to post some photos of the native roaches I found, but I hadn't made the time. Well, here they are. I've shared some of them before, but most are new.

A species of Pycnoscelus, Adult.




Unidentified, but a great looking roach.

This species lives in sand, and gives live birth.


Also Unidentified, and very hard to keep. I lost two of the three specimens I found. This species lives in leaf litter, breeding unknown.

Possibly two different species.


I hope everyone enjoys them.


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Hi Nicolas and Alex. Thank you for the replies.

Alex- we do not have harsh winters. We have wet winters, although we're in a summer rainfall area, with a minimum temperature of about five degrees Celcius. But our average winter temperature, on a cold day, is about 12-16 degrees Celcius.

Nicolas- I would gladly have exchanged with you, but South Africa has very strict laws on exporting invertebrates, and one requires a permit for every species. Permits are, sadly, very hard to come by. Also, due to time constraints, I had to release them back into the wild.

Thank you again for looking at the photos. Please feel free to ask more questions... Stimulating discussion is always welcome.

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Thats funny its like a winter here in FL except we are dry.

We have a few species of Pycnoscelus here in FL aswell I am guessing they all came with the potted plants from thier native country.

Please keep the pics comeing! You are in the home land of periplaneta by the way B)

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