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Posted by sean on 1/11/2006, 11:05 pm

i need help 3 of my colonies have mites !!!!!!

how do i get rid of them they are all over there backs and eyes

they are in my hissers surinames and 1 of my eublaberus distanti colonies

plz help i think they are spreding

thanx froggy


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Posted by sean on 2/22/2006, 1:52 pm, in reply to "Re: HELP MITES !!!!"

i killed off my surinames there was to maney mites on them

i just dumped them out side to die

i feel terrible about killing 4000 surinames what a waste

i did find away to effectively kill them tho


i swabed the larger six spots in it then i dumped the dirt outside and then filled the container with it

and then i completely disinfected my room with the spray suff we put in our steam cleaner

my hissers ate the mites off each other lol so then i just did the same (just to be safe) to them

thanx froggy

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