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Gromphadorhina portentosa "Masoloa"

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Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Do you see any variavtion in color with the babies?

Do you have any info on how the roaches were brought from Madagascar to Belgium? I am always interested in the legal permitting process that allows for this. I am also wondering if researchers are allowed to give the roaches to the general public in Belgium. Thanks again.

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The first generation born in captivity are nearly all adults, all the males looks like this one (last segment of the abdomen are a bit darker on the F1 generation than on the WC male), the females are nearly all the same too (a few variation is possible, lighter or darker than the one on the picture).

I was surprised when I saw the young males becoming adults and looking exactly like their father!

I don't know how they brougt them from Madagascar to Belgium, but since they are a museum they are probably allowed to import' those kind of species.

They are allowed to give/exchange them (and maybe sell them, but I'm not sure) to the public, it's more common with phasmids and snails, those roaches are actually in a room impossible to access for the general public. I had the chance to have a friend working there, and intersting animals to exchange. I've visited those privates rooms and could exchange my animals against those roaches ;)

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