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Madagascan Hisser setup

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Just thought I would add a pic of my new Madagascan hissing cockroach tub


They have been upgraded from the biggest exo terra faunarium to a 24 litre wilkinsons tub. It is roughly the same floor space but is a bit taller so I can add more bark and wood for them to climb and I can also add a deeper substrate.


I have put one piece of bark up the side so I can check on them without disturbing them. You can also see the deep substrate. They is also a sub adult deaths head in here somewhere but it hides in the substrate a lot.

I am hoping to get some more deaths head at Bugfest, and start a seperate colony of them. I am also looking to get a few other species of cockroach at Bugfest. I hope you like

Thanks for any replies

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