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another species ID

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I found this guy in our glow spot bin very odd because it was all adults till they just started producing 2 months ago

this is not a species I have in my collection and does not look like anything ive even seen (limited experience)

it can not climb,looks to still be a nymph (similar looking to a Eublaberus species but not sure,its about 1.5 inches




very cute nymph I would like to also find out the info cause im now interested in starting a colony lol

thank you

mike panzarella

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I'm thinking the same here, with that oval body, yellow head, and particular leg spines. I know Eublaberus posticus leg spines look different and none of mine would lay on their back like that (if alive).

I think you just have some individual variation in color.

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yeah the color on the back and the face really looked off to me from the other large nymphs before they became adults.

the nymph was also bigger in both thickness and length then the adults.

guess I have too small a sample size to really think its not a glow spot we only had about 10 nymphs become adults with us so far I was judging by them.

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I googled nymphs of this and it looks very similar except the color variation, when its an adult see if it still looks different excited to see! Are you going to try growing the bioluminescent mushrooms for them?

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