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looking for A roach breed

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Blaberus giganteus (Giant Cave Cockroach) is the LONGEST roach species. You will most likely have to acquire them as nymphs because the adults do not ship well (I speak from experience of receiving adults dead). Both the adults and nymphs do not climb glass. This species can mysterious die when trying to shed its wings though. You can get them from roach crossing (link to the right) http://www.roachcros...gpetroaches.htm

Also, if you keep 2 males together, they will most likely kill each other.

By the way, the peppered roach is also quite large and docile to handle. They also do not have the mysterious die off problem. You can get them from the same website. Like Blaberus giganteus, they too can't climb glass as adults or nymphs. I will be acquiring this species soon :) Are you going to make a natural setup for them?

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