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Choice of feeder roach

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Hi all,

I'd be grateful for some advice on choosing an appropriate feeder roach.

The feeding requirements would be for 3-5 spiderlings/juveniles, each taking about 1-2 small roaches a week.

The ideal would be a species that:

- Doesn't reproduce too fast, as not that many feeders are required.

- Is relatively small/manageable.

- Preferably doesn't fly and/or climb.

The current choices are:

1) Pycnoscelus surinamensis - but would this reproduce too quickly?

2) Phoetalia pallida

3) Oxyhaloa duesta

4) Pycnoscelus femapterus

Would also appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks!

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My duesta colony reproduces very fast and they climb glass very well. I would suggest b. lateralis. They dont climb and they are born from egg cases so if you wanted to slow down the breeding just destroy any egg cases you dont want hatching. They are a small roach about the size of the duesta. I have some available for sale. Msg me if interested. :)

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smaller roaches in general are semipest or pest species they all produce fast try one of the larger blaberus species or even A.tessalata they are large roaches when older but all start out very small 1/8-1/4 inch the plus you can sell or even keep them as pets

I would suggest a non climbing species the smaller the harder to contain

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I did consider the Blaberidae sp. 'Kenya' but they may be a little small. They are cute, though!

The Blaberus spp are all interesting but might get a little too big for what I'm looking for.

As for the O. duesta, was thinking of getting a small colony so the absolute numbers produced wont be so large..

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