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Nymph keeps falling on its back?


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I've got two hisser nymphs left from my original litter of six, one has moulted (first moult since hatching) and seems strong, the other hadn't moulted was fine until today, and now it seems to be going downhill.

It keeps flipping onto its back and being unable to get back up, and when it is on its legs it moves very slowly and unsteadily, as if it's about to fall over again. This is basically what the others did before they died.

I'm about to try and paintbrush-feed it some water and maybe try giving it some apple sauce. I remember being told to put food on the antennae so it eats it when it cleans itself, but I'm not sure if it's even cleaning itself now.

The other seems okay, but is moving rather more slowly compared to how it normally seems. They haven't eaten anything unusual, as far as I know, they've had some apple and a few morsels of plain biscuit in the last two days, but in the past week have eaten fish food flakes, lettuce, dog food, ferret food and carrot. I haven't changed their temperature and spray them regularly to keep the humidity high.

After I noticed this one looking ill, I immediately cleaned out their tub and changed the food in case there was any tiny bits that had gone bad.

Any ideas what is it/what to do?

This litter has been super problematic for me, the mother died giving birth, there were only six nymphs and four have since died, and only one has moulted since they were born in September...

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I think the nymphs might be thirsty. I had the same problem a while back, but it stopped happening. After mine died, they looked desiccated. I would try water crystals. You could also spray the sides of the enclosure. My hissers like to drink the water off of the glass. I only got a few to recover after it happened to a bunch of mine. It only seems to affect the nymphs though. Good luck!

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