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New SPRING offer...Cheap

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Posted by Hadak Paul on 3/19/2006, 6:39 am

Dear roach-colleagues,here is my new offer

200xRhypharobia spec.GOLDY,,3-5cm 20 for 15 USD

300xDeropeltes spec.Mombasa..3-7cm 20/15 USD

900xBlaberus cranifer 100/20 USD

50xBlaberus boliviensis 10/10 USD

10 000xPanchlora nivea 1000/100 USD

50 000xB.dubia 1000/120-150 USD

1000x Schultessia lamp.100/15 USD

Pycnoscelus femapterus and nigra,G.portentossa,

Blaberus spec.JAR,E.distanti,Nauphoeta cinerea,

Rhypharobia maderae,Loboptera decipiens,

Neostylopyga rhombifolia,Polyphaga sausserey,

Lusihormetica subcinta,,,

and A.avicularia avicularia 3,5-4 cm in body

length /Guyana/40 USD


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