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T. olegrandjeani emerged, and some experiences with mold control


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It is such a great time to see my first ?-mark adult pumping out!


At first I've encountered serious mold problems which made me thought I'll never try dead-leaf feeders any more. All the leaves would become moldy in one or two days; and amazingly there were so little information about mold problems with dead leaves. The problem was solved by using bone dry substrate, but I feel sorry for the roaches.

After a few months I noticed that there're some mites and spring tails developed in my B. giganteus colony, so I changed my ?-mark set up with those soils, then put leaves in. And guess what? No mold any more!

And there're two tips I've got from that:

1, T. olegrandjeani can develop in bone dry substrate with a constant water source. However the nymphs love moisture; they all gather in the wet side now (I've made the other side dry).

2. Get some spring tails if you wanna start a leaf litter dwelling species. I think I've got my spring tails from rotten wood I've brought in. I must thank those little guys for giving me confidence in rearing leaf litter dwellers, can't wait for the spring to get more species!

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