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Roach catching baits.

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Guys great posts on the other thread!!

I have been playing with baits for some time and have never had much luck with them unless I know there is a pocket of roaches in the area. " Like a pile of leaves with periplaneta australasia, a tree hollow full of E. Floridana and a bush with a small species of roach on the leaves."

I read somewhere baits work best in arid climates.....but I still give it a shot and get lucky with a cool little cricket or something.

Well here is my basic recipes.

I use flour to make the consistency like spackle and can smear it without it running to bad.

One recipe uses molasses as the base and the other apple cider vinegar. Everything else is the same and I just eyeball the mixture.




And just overripe bananas I slowly collect them as my wife buys groceries and we always forget to eat at least one before they go black.


So please guys just like before I would like to hear your experiences and advice is great.

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