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A exotic blattodea in Norway?

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I live in the southern part of Norway.

A few days ago, my neighbor with these cockroaches and wondered what kind of cockroaches this is?

My neighbor had caught the insects under her dishwasher.

She came to me because she knows I'm interested in insects. Cockroaches is normaly not my field of interest.

Is there anyone that know what kind of cockraoch this is?

In advance thank you for any answers.


Erik Lai


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Thanks for the your answers.

They really look like nymphs of Brown Cockroach (Periplaneta brunnea). I will ask the neighbor to put a new pre-baited glue trap under the washer to see if we can catch adult Brown Cockroachs.

Does anyone know if these cockroaches also found in Brazil?

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If and when you catch them alive, I can take some of them if you will. My address is Jeffrey Juli 1062 West Genesee Street apartment 2 Syracuse, NY 13204.

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