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Spine-tingling drama & Memorial Service

Tongue Flicker

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Photos of my hedgehogs doing movie & television role auditions and proving that they are versatile actors.

Hedgie #1 A retake of Titanic's infamous hand on the glass scene (Parental Guidance! Lol)


Hedgie #2 baby siblings' adaptation of Sleepless in Seattle: Infant Edition


Hedgie #3 Sonic the Hedgehog 2014 Live Action


Hedgie #4 Game of Thrones: Battle of the Ceramic Throne!


Hedgie #5 Auditioning for the role of Dracula


And cut!! You all suck except you Dracula. That was a...spooktacular performance!! Almost real *bites nails*

[Meet the Director: Tasha]


In loving memory of Mr.Dumplings (2004-2011)


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