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Not Breeding Fast?

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i have a colony of Red Runners (Shelfrodella lateralis), Dubias (Blaptica Dubia) and Lobsters (Nauphoeta Cinerea) and they seem to be breeding slower than my other people I've heard about. i started with 500 adult red runners and im recently in the past 1-2 months just getting babies, the dubias i have a good amount but not breeding as fast as they use to (ive had them for 2-3 years) and my lobsters i started out with 200 mixed about 2-3 months ago and not seeing too many new babies. they are all in non-see-through sterilite tubs (18 gallons) all have heating pads on 24/7 the tubs stay an average 80-low 90s, fed heavy twice a week with oranges every other feeding. what am i doing wrong?

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You are doing great just give it time with the reds and lobsters.

A friend/mentor of mine worked at a frog farm in Wisconsin 30 years ago and then moved to Tampa to work a fish farm then moved down to Florida city to open his own fish farm.....Discuss and angel fish are big money in that industry but are work...He is in his 80's and has long retired commercial farming. He still breeds strange fish and blue aussie crayfish, mice, rattlesnakes, native frogs, butterflies, and now roaches..hhahaha

I asked a similar question once when I had a group of roaches I could just not start...

He said How are you're cage conditions? "Good hot side with a cool side, food and water available 24/7."

Okay well did you get strong/established stock? "No wild caught just three individuals." Well unless they are a island population with strong limited genetics you might have a problem getting them established with all animals!!"

Have you tried a cool down period and then gradually warmed them up? Or kept them dry and make a spike in humidity? "Bill I don't think that works for tropical roaches..." Give it a shot you dumb buck.

Do they have plenty of space and a way to get away from each other?...Because if you don't even social animals need to get away from each other." But Bill they are bugs...."ahh do whatever you want ya dumb buck you just keep on assuming!"

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