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New feeder roaches don't seem to be eating


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I got 100 adult and 100 subadult red runners delivered on Saturday, and moved them into the setup I had ready. It's an opaque 40 gal rubbermaid tub, heated with a 25W heat cable, and large holes cut in the lid covered with cheesecloth. inside I put a cardboard structure I built with several diagonal panels to provide lots of surfaces to hide on. There are ~.25 in air holes all over the exterior of the hide.

I originally gave the roaches slices of carrot, water crystals, and a dry powder mix I made using a recipe from GeckoForum (whole wheat flour, soy flour, brewers yeast mostly). They didn't seem to touch the carrots, but I can't tell if they went after the dry mix and water. Yesterday I gave them some orange to see what they would do with it.

I've been finding a few dead and near-dead, but I'm guessing these are from the stressed of shipping.

Any advice?

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Personally my lateralis colony loves high protein roach chow. You can also use dry dog/cat food if you don't have that. They need a lot of protein in their diet. In my experience they'll go for the high protein foods over any fruits or veggies that are also present.

Give them some time. They'll eat or drink when they need to. It's probably best to leave them alone for about a week as long as food and water are readily available.

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It does happen occasionally. This species is prone to having a few deaths in transit, but otherwise they're very hardy.

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