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Millipede and Isopod Housing


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I was recently surprised to find my backyard compost pile to be full of what appears to be Narceus americana millipedes. I never seen them here ever before and it seems that I live about on the edge of their range here in Nebraska so they finally must've crawled their way here. I'm thinking of keeping a handful of them along with some Armadillidiidae pill bugs in the same container.

I've got an extra Rubbermaid storage box but I'm concerned about them squeezing out through the lid and escaping. Would the petroleum jelly along the sides trick work to keep them in place? Also, how much ventilation should I provide? I know they need to be somewhat moist.


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I kept one in a little critter keeper when I was younger. It did just fine for about 2-3 months, then I let it go (it was still alive). I don't think they have much of a glass/plastic climbing ability. They stay underground most of the time.

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