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Can cockroach's IQ up to 340? Is it true?

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This is false. IQ is determined from a bunch of tests. Its designed for humans but similar test has been used with animals with high intelligence like crows, chimps, etc.

It wouldn't be possible to give a cockroach a true IQ test.

Check out this article though.


On a side note. There had been thread on cockroach cruelty referencing an article about a program that can control cockroaches by jamming wires in its brain. The program was made for amusement . I felt that this was cruel as there was nothing new to be learned. This article here also has folks jamming wires in roaches heads, but this is righteous science.

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I think they have a quicker nerve response than humans, to react to movement so quick.

I remember learning something in second year behaviour that cockroaches have two little sensors on their bottoms, which have tiny hairs on them, and when a puff of air causes these hairs to bend, the cockroach runs in the opposite direction, instinctively but not immediately!

This is because frogs produce a puff of air as they prepare to pounce/fire their sticky tongues, BUT if the cockroach moves too late, it gets eaten, and if it moves too soon, the frog can recalculate its tongue-trajectory, so by evolving this, cockroaches are insanely good at avoiding being eaten by frogs!

Clever little guys!

I thought that was a fun fact.

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would it be possible to mate with a roach? I am only asking this question because i’m really concerned and don’t want to have a baby. I am not saying that i have attempted to do this but I would like to know if it is possible and if so how would I tell the roach I don’t want to be a father.

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