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Green Banana Roach-Panchlora nivea-and mites


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HELP...How can I get rid of the soil mites in my new colony of P. nivea? The infestation is really bad and this is my first colony started 2 months ago. ( just one tank )There are a lot of nymphs running around in the soil and leaf litter. I need to get rid of them as the mites are crawling into other tanks containing reptiles with soil as a base for humidity. I just had a population explosion and the mites are everywhere in the room.Looks like a lot of work to clear them out completely.

Can I let the soil dry out completely to kill them off and how will that affect the colony of ' Greenies & the nymphs.?

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Yes you can kill the mites by completely drying the substrate, and the green banana roaches will probably die too.

Maybe a better way is to introduce springtail colony to outcompete the mites. Also feed them leaf litters instead of dog food/cat food/etc; green bananas and springtails can do very well just feeding on leaves, while mites LOVES dog food.

I had a explosion of mites once in my peppered roach colony, and I eliminated 90% of the population by simply removed the dog food inside.

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Just get predatory mites. Get them from the source listed in this link, or free from me. not trying to high jack the post here but would the predatory mites help with my dubia colony and my mealworm colony??? I have had a problem with mites even though I don't use dog food anymore. I wouldn't mind trying them out!

No need to dry or reduce feedings with them.

Check it: http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=5077#entry26332

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