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I switched to a non organic dog food / cat food ( high veggie based ) to a very cheap Nonorganic and a month later I've got these micro tiny white mites all over the containers .. they don't seem to bother the roaches or stress them ... it is just a nuisance and annoying .... anyone experience with this ?

I threw out ALL the food and washed all the food bowls and container that I store the foods in.... I will be switching back to organic!!

Any thoughts and help ......

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I just reread my post , LOL ..sorry for the confusion ... I meant to type ... I switched from an organic dog/cat food to a very cheap non organic food....

Anyways ........... I cleaned out and sterilized all the containers as well as did a good sweeping in the garage in which the roaches are kept.. The mites haven't appeared .. hopefully I killed their eggs and there wont be a mite cycle .....

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I had the same prob. with soil mites a few months back, I removed the top of the bin and replaced with a pair of pantyhose

and allowed the bin to dry out for a few days and have not been able to find any since...

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