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Hello again?


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I'm not new here but didn't quite know where to post this...

After a long time hiatus of active posting, I'm just about ready to make my return to the forums! Many of you may know me from "back-in-the-day"; I used to be a prolific poster. Then... college and life kicked in. Now with things settling down a bit (namely, I may have a full-time job soon and I'm done with all that lovely "formal learning" stuff), I feel I can begin to return to my old regime, even if it's only bit-by-bit at first.

So hello to all the new faces and breeders! I look forward to discussing roaches with you all! :)


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hey Kyle! do you know how long a mixed colony (19 females, 11 males, and about 30 mixed nymphs) of hissers will take to get a good colony going just for when i get rid of my dubia in roughly a year? I wanna get the most breeding activity as possible.

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