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small roaches for small containers?

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I have about 11 small containers that can be filled with roaches but I'm not sure which ones to keep

I thought of these so far, any others that would be good displays?

1. Surinam roaches

2. Gyna lurida

3. Periplaneta americana

4. Domino roaches

5. Question mark roaches

6. Gyna caffrorum

7. P. nivea

8. Pallid roaches

9. Lobster roaches

10. Beetle mimics

If any of those costs more than $5 a piece I probably will cross them off of my list (except domino and question roaches)

I for sure want

Surinam roaches

P. americana

Domino roaches

Question mark roaches

P. nivea

Beetle mimics

What do you guys think?

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