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Multi-Species Enclosures


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Just thought I'd post a couple of multi-species combo enclosures that I have had success with for those interested in keeping multiple species but are tight on space. In the end, it seems that the best way to pick roaches for this sort of housing is to either pick those with different hiding preferences (burrowing vs bark-clinging) or drastically different sizes.

Eurycotis lixa + Cariblatta sp. "Arcadia"

Panchlora nivea + Aeluropoda insignis

Pycnoscelus surinamensis + Blaberus craniifer "UCR"

Hemiblabera tenebricosa + Panchlora nivea

Parcoblatta fulvescens + Blaptica dubia

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I have hissers and dubia together. The kids seem fine, but the adult males don't get along. I regularly saw male dubia seeming to attack male hissers, and the male dubia were pretty maimed after awhile, so I suppose the hissers got back at them by biting their legs off (seemed to be the most frequent maiming) although I never saw the hissers attack the dubia.

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