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license and legalities of roach breeding

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Anyone know the legalities of roach breeding in California and starting a business with such a name? Would it be safer to say feeder insects, reptile supplies, small pets etc. What would be a safe direction to take, not only now, but for the future, say they start implementing stricter rules on breeders of roaches.

I would like to establish a legal business as I am dedicating a large portion of the house to this, but don't want to point out some things unnecessarily or file my business in a way that could incriminate me for legalities I am unaware of. I do work with Chameleons and could go that route as my business if that seems the safest. Any input is greatly appreciated. I could just stay on the DL like a lot of the breeders do, but then that defeats the ability to have tax write offs and the perks of acting like a functioning business. For myself, I am aloud to have this "odd" hobby by my significant other if the intention is supplementing our income a bit hahah!, so I have to satisfy her and make this thing look legit.

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Here is a topic with with a list of insect species which can be imported or shipped within California without a permit:


If you want to ship to other states you'd need to look into their laws and regulations on the subject.

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