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Hatch Oothecas Naturally or in Incubator?

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What are the pros/cons of hatching ooths in incubators as opposed to just leaving them in the enclosures with the other roaches? I've been struggling to get my lat ooths to hatch (first one hatched yesterday!), so I took a bunch out and put them in an incubator and left the rest in the bin. I was also just given a E. floridana ooth recently and am trying to figure out the best way to get it to hatch.

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I hatch them in a 32 OZ. deli cup on top of my bearded dragons UV lights. I also mist them quite often and have them on eco earth and sand mixture.

pros of incubating:

almost 100% hatch rate

Nothing eating them

almost no problems with mold unless it was a dud


I cant find any

pros of leaving the ooth in the enclosure

Dont need to worry about taking them out of the container


adults and nymphs eat the ooths if not fed a high protein diet

ooths drying out

less hatching rate

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My lateralis lay a very large number of eggs and are fed on a high protein diet, but I still never see any hatchlings in the main enclosure.

The only way I'm able to get any offspring is by collecting the oothecae and placing in their own container to hatch. They are able to go into the main enclosure without issues once they hatch, but oothecae never survive the full gestation period in the main enclosure.

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That's interesting that lat ooths seem to do best when put in their own container. I guess it makes sense since the nymphs/adults are kept at higher densities than what would be seen in the wild.

I've heard some keepers say that they've lost valuable species by putting ooths in separate containers though. Have you all heard the same or am I getting that mixed up with something else?

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