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Out of curiosity, what set ups do you all use to hatch ooths (assuming you don't leave them in the enclosure with the parents)? I'm guessing it varies depending on what species you are trying to work with, but any pics/info would be great!

I'm asking because I have several T. petiveriana ooths right now that I would like to try to hatch. The mother died recently and was covered with mites when I found her (I check everyone once a week, so she died less than a week ago), so I'm a little worried that the mites will have gotten to the ooths too. I most likely just lost my only Ergaula sp. big black ooth to mites since they were actually inside it and would come crawling out when disturbed, so I'd like to avoid having that happen again.

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Ah, that's not bad then. I think I have at least some of the terrible mites unfortunately since they were in the ooth and I can't see soil mites doing much of that. My springtail cultures are finally getting going, so hopefully I can combo those with some isopods soon for some good coverage.

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