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pot seeds

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i had to stop at my works office to get my check the other day and had to use the bathroom (which we share with the gym nextdoor) the gym had put out a bunch of free samples of some health food crap, of course i looked thru and figured ill try some on my roaches. turns out my dubias LOVED it. its called Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest, it just raw shelled hemp seeds. the dubias ate the whole package in just a few hours, i couldn't tell if the hissers ate theirs or just walked thru it, spreading it around.

just figured I'd share cuz its a rather random food i doubt anyone has tryed and its the best reaction I've got from my roaches with any food ive tried.

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I think that the entire bean family has a toxin in it (to protect its seeds) although some have higher content than others. Cooking (and leaching it out with a nice overnight soak) tends to reduce it. But I agree that undercooked kidney beans are tough to digest. We made chili once, and the beans weren't cooked fully when we threw them in the crock pot with everything else. When the final product was served, I ate the crunchy beans... I had some pretty serious GI issues that night, ranging from extreme flatulence, to guy wrenching pain, etc.

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after mixing that hemp pro 70 in various amouts with various things ive found out what to do with it. mixing it with the Repashy diet only had a slight positive effect, but the more i added it seemed to not dry out as fast, so less went to waste (they ignore it once its dry) but add some honey to the mix and it doesnt last long. or just a shot glass of pure honey and 1 tea spoon of the hemp pro and mix, it turns into a brown sludge thats gone in to time

if you can find these products (maybe at gnc?) and they arnt to expensive (idk what they cost) defiantly worth getting, especially for those that make their own chow, im sure you'll see results.

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