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Parcoblatta virginica care?

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Hello everybody,

I am currently trying to rear Parcoblatta virginica. These were collected in OK under decaying wood bark. I am confused on how exactly to set them up. Can they subsist just in an enclosure with moist leaves, or do they need more? I am trying to produce as many as I can for research. Help would be much appreciated!

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Well as substrate you should use coconut fiber, and maybe mix in some dead leaves for added nutrition. Dead leaves and rotten wood are not needed for Parcoblatta species, but it can never hurt to add some anyway, as long as it's been sterilized. They will eat dog food, fruits and veggies, as well as dead leaves, should you choose to add them. Keep them moist, give them toilet paper rolls or egg cartons as hides, and that's about it! :) Hope this helps!

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