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Posted by Double Ds on 5/23/2006, 3:26 am

So you were all jazzed up about the arrival of Dubia's and Laterallis to the market, everyone saying they are super breeders and that there the perfect feeders. So you saved up and bought a few. Right?

Only to find that they werent breeding like everyone said and your colonies are going no where fast, and your wondering WHY?

Heres why, There all inbred and over bred to the point that there smaller than pure bred starins and they cant even breed as fast.

So what do you do? Well here at Double D's we dont have that problem.

Our colonies are made up of pure bred, original strain specimens from Germany and Denmark. Your probably saying, so what! well ill tell you what.

Why pay for an inferior product,that dosent perform as it should.

When you can get pure bred specimens that live up to there reputation and then some, from the place where pure breds are raised, Double D's.

Right now were offering:

Blaptica Dubia - Mixed 1000 count $250 shipped

B. Laterallis - 1000 count MIXED $200 shipped

Best free offer Yet, for a limited time we are giving away free sample packs of Ectotherm's Hissing Roach Yummies, and Ectotherms fruit yummies in addition to a free sample of our dry food. Its a win win situation for everyone.

I can gurantee that our Laterallis get bigger than any you have seen before and breed faster than any you have previously bought.

We have been breeding roaches for 3 years now and pride ourselves on breeding pure strain roaches.

Check us out


Dexter D

Double D's



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