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Accidental Hisser death ?


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One of the hissers I raised since birth died from an odd accident. In my cage I have a tiny, shallow water dish that's actually a plastic cover from can o crickets. Less than an inch of water, for a Hisser it's nearly nothing it can walk in the water safely.

Well, I woke up and found one dead, on its back, in the water dish. I figure what happened was it accidently fell off a log a few inches away, landed in the dish on its back and being well fed couldn't right itself, and probably drowned from the spiracles touching the water for a long time. 😢

When I woke up I found him dead, I took him out hoping he would be ok but he was already gone. He was my smallest adult Hisser, the runt, I named Little Man. He was 2, still had a few years left. :(

Usually my others hissers have no trouble with the water, guess his small size was his downfall, he will be missed.

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Sorry to hear that, I'm sure he lived a very nice life. You did all that you could, sometimes accidents happen. :(

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