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Gyna caffrorum and Blaberus spp. not breeding?

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For the Gyna caffrorum, I have had adults for the same time length as another person but the other person has gotten loads of babies that are now L2-L3... I feed them about the same he does, but I kept mine outdoors where it is hot and humid. I have seen lots of breeding activity (ie: locking up, wing flapping, females going in for it) but I still have no babies. I brought them in tonight to see if that helps.

For Blaberus species, I am mainly talking about giganteus, cf. peruvianus, discoidalis, fusca and craniifer. Same thing with them. All are fat and healthy and I have seen lots of breeding activity but no babies...

And another species I am having troubles with for some reason is A. tesselata. Same deal with those.

Each species has been with me and with adults since about April but I have different stocks mixed in.

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I have G. caffrorum (maybe from the same source as you?) I had adults who were dying and no babies in sight... I threw that last individual in a large community tank, and now I frequently see babies crawling around in there... I'm not sure the trick, but don't give up.

It too my Blaberus hybrids what seemed to be an eternity before they began to make babies, and I don't know that my B. giganteous have produced any nymphs yet either.

Maybe just patience...

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I havent had any die off yet and I know at least 3 are 4 months old. My community tank needs more climbing surfaces before I add any new ones to it :). Blaberus and Eublaberus are supposed to be one of the easiest genus to breed... Maybe its something with the easy species...

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