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Beetle Jelly

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Posted by DoubleDs on 5/31/2006, 1:36 am

You wanted it and now we have finally gotten it, we couldnt resist here it is folks straight from Korea, the best selling beetle breeding food source there is

Beetle Jelly. This stuff turns novice's into pros, producing high yields of eggs and beetles that are juiced up and vibrant.

So what does this mean to you? more grubs, fewer die off form using fruit that molds up before its all eaten, and beautiful vibrant colors.

This is a cant miss opertunity to get the one item you have been missing is your beetle arsenal.

Currently we are carrying two flavors of fruit beetle jelly with more to come including the milk and honey protein formular.

5 Count cups mixtuer of flavors $7.50

And dont forget were still San Diegos source for rare roaches and Unique feeders.

Dexter D

Double D's


Link: http://www.doubleds.org

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Posted by Orin on 6/8/2006, 10:17 am, in reply to "Re: Beetle Jelly"

Beetle jelly is a handy little food for beetles (and roaches) but it's going to make someone an expert beetle breeder as much as nice socks will make someone a pro baseball player.


6 for $5


4 for $5

They go great with peanut butter and bread but are not meant for human consumption.


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