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Helllllloooooo Everybodyyyy!


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Time is 0246 in the morning, and I can't sleep so why not introduce myself to the forum!? My name's Nate, N8tive556, Nathaniel or Hey jerk, if the situation calls for it lol I enjoy just about all things buggy and arachnid. I found out about this forum from my gf she's on her as well you guys may know her as @Zippermouth she has come to me with a plethora of knowledge that she has found on here and I am more than happy to report that it has been more than helpful and have appreciated everybody's time for lending a hand helping us care properly for our Madagascar Hissers! The reason it has taken so long to introduce myself is because I have found myself in the midst of one heck of a grain mite infestation... But alas Here I am! I think the one thing that is on my mind right now that I would like to ask the community regards inbreeding in roaches. Are there any complications that anybody knows of? Also size difference, our original batch of roaches that were born have started to reach their fifth molt however, there is a noticeable size difference in between a good bit of them. some look as if they are still in their fourth stage while one of them looks to be still in a third stage, so I suppose the question would be what is the best course of action? should I separate the larger of the group from the smaller? I think that about sums it up Many thanks, see you guys and gals on the boards!

PS I have recently acquired a baby Asian Forest Scorpion, seeing as this is not an arachnid board, I was just wondering if anybody knew of a forum I may be able to find additional care information for them? Or if anyone keeps them as well that I may be able to ask any questions to.

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Welcome! Inbreeding hasnt really been an issue for my roaches but, adding new blood lines here and there never hurts. I would say just let the hissers grow together and see what happens. If you want a larger hisser, get rid of the smaller ones. Check out arachnoboards.com for info on the asian forest scorpion. I can also help you out (as can other people) with any any all questions on inverts! I have skills with most inverts so I consider myself knowledgeable.

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