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FS/FT: Dubia Explosion

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Posted by Lindsay on 6/2/2006, 3:11 pm

Ok, so my dubia colony has adjusted to their no substrate life and with the nice weather their numbers have exploded and my 95 gallon is full. I need to thin it down some. I only have 9 bearded dragons and they have been eating feasts everyday and it doesnt seem to be doing much...lol

I am going to try and sell and/or trade these guys locally for now. If there are no local offers over the weekend and "my" wholesale buyer isnt interested, I will ship. I live in Ballston Spa, NY, close to Saratoga Springs NY and not far from Albany, the capital. My zipcode is 12020 if you want to see how far you are from me.

100 nymphs (all sizes) for $35

If you are looking for an established colony (nymphs and adults) and/or larger amounts and would be willing to travel a little bit, I can make it worth your while $ Just inquire!

I would be willing to trade for unrelated dubias (no more then 50-100 though) and discoids.

Please keep in mind that I am looking locally first, then contacting buyer, then if no luck I will do individual sales. I am looking for a trade or two, hopefully local. Please feel free to e-mail if you are not local, just dont fret if you dont get a email right away Thank you, Lindsay


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